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I have been in a reading slump since the Olympics. Before then I was doing great (which may have been helped by being sick and not wanting to do much else) and was even what I consider "ahead" in my reading for the year. I have started, as of last night, FIVE separate books and have yet to finish a single one since Feb. 12. I do blame the Olympics for sucking the motivation from me. And I blame the books, too. I guess they aren't good enough to be read (or too long to truly get into quickly).
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Henry is walking between the kitchen and the living room, moving his bowls/lids, spoons, etc to the bowls he has already taken to the living room. He is taking toys in the living room and filling the bowls with them. And he is putting toys away where he found them. John is holding a bowl or two filled with little toys. And then he threw something in the trash. I'm waiting for him to fall over or get tired of this game, but so far he is going strong. He is really enjoying this activity. Sometimes, after he puts something away, he claps his hands. And as the final activity he put a pillow back in the guest room. This boy knows where everything goes. :)

quilt in need of a home

This may be the only time I ever offer this...

This quilt needs a home. I am about to quilt it and it seriously needs a place to go. I don't know who would like a quilt that is purple and orange batik (which are surprisingly gorgeous together, but not something I have a place for), but if you have had a marriage/baby/job/lost a job/need some comfort from a beautiful quilt, let me know. If I get more than one offer (free beautiful quilt!), I will have a drawing to decide who to give it to. If no one wants this(!) I will have to donate it somewhere. (back story, I originally had a purpose for this quilt, but that purpose is no longer valid, i.e., I can't give it to the person/people I wanted to give it to... and I can't sell it because it is a pattern from a book) Please contact me privately if you are interested.

Purple and Orange quilt
Purple and Orange quilt
To be quilted, needs a home

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I haven't been posting much lately, so I thought I start up again by posting the books I've read so far this year. Exciting, I know. But I've really only been reading, sewing a bit, watching some TV/movies and cooking in my "free" time.

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we have walking

Henry took about 2 steps a few days ago. Yesterday he took 5 or 6. Tonight he took about 10 in a row! I think we can safely say that he's walking now. :D Though he's pretty cautious during the day, he gets more bold when John's home, too. This weekend should be fun. :D

quilting project catch up

I finished my first quilting project of the year. I finished the binding on a quilt that was long overdue to be finished, as it was to be a gift some time ago. It's still going to be a gift--only a lot late. There was literally only about a foot of binding to finish off by hand. I finished it in maybe an hour or less.