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autumn, etc.

Today was beautiful. It was sunny, and it was autumn. The trees were gorgeous around home, which is where I spent several hours, doing laundry and the like. I really noticed when I was driving to and from. yay, fall colors! My brother told me yesterday: "Mom is off Monday." So I got home, and no mom. She was at work. So I was all alone at home to do laundry and read. It was strange. Luckily she came home around 2:30, so I got to spend some time with her, and my dad, when he came home soon after, and I got to help him with a computer problem, like every other time I go home.

Friday we picked up a bed frame from Ikea and strapped it to the roof to drive back to the apartment. I had to keep checking to make sure it wasn't going to fall off. Success! Having a bed frame for the bed makes me feel like it's finally home here.

I also looked at my bank statement at home, and, yikes, I don't have much money left. Need job now. ugh. I think I'm going to look into non-library options just so I have some sort of income, for now anyways.

To while away my time for the next several weeks/days, I have borrowed X files season 1 from mkincaid. Just watched the Pilot, which I've seen before. I guess I'll wait until tomorrow to really dive in. And johnmeier1 bought a Nintendo Gamecube used and a copy of Animal Crossing last week, so I have that to occupy all spare time, too, besides finishing up that quilt I'm making in time for gift giving...
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