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I am moving to Bradford, PA this Saturday, as many of you know. Today John and I went up and signed the lease for our house! I get to live in a house again! And share it with only one other person. Moving isn't much fun when you've just moved four months before. I'm feeling a mixture of anxiety at not knowing anyone there, except the people that John works with and our "landlord" and happiness at feeling like I'm finally growing up and doing my own thing, even though I still have to find a job once I move.

  • winner!

    Woo! It came down to writing around 5000 words today, but I did it! I wrote 50,000 words of a novel this month. Now I can go to sleep. ;)

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    I just wrote the end for my story. I never do that, so I must like this one. Now I have to fill in the middle! That's the scary part. Progress…

  • NaNo progress update

    Well, I am at 16000+ words and am supposed to have 20000+ by the end of today. It's no fun if you're not behind at some point. I have mostly been…

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