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I have returned safely from my venture away from Bradford and have begun playing Final Fantasy X2, which John's brother got him for Christmas. Tomorrow is Thursday already! Time flies when you're playing video games, I guess. But I am going to quilt, specifically something for my parent's 30th wedding anniversary, which is this July, so I'd better get moving!

I am going into wedding planning overdrive. When I am at my parent's next weekend, I will do many things, such as sample cake, talk to a florist, a photographer, get my hair cut, get a guest list from my mom, talk to the priest, and maybe other stuff, too. And John's birthday is Jan. 19, so I'd better get something for him.

I had a great time in Houston for Christmas, enjoyed spending time with my parents, and had a blast in Pittsburgh for New Year's Eve. I haven't made any New Year's resolutions. Should I? I don't feel like I should change anything...

P.S. My new icon is from our outing to Galveston Beach.

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