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My friends and family threw me a great surprise bridal shower on Saturday. I was so happy to see so many people, especially my best friend from high school whom I'm only sorta in touch with, and all my college girl friends. Girls rock! And I/we got many cool things, among which are a Pueblo wedding vase, a framed picture of me and John dancing at Michelle's wedding, some pretty vases, and a whole bunch of cooking stuff. No one bought the bathroom stuff we wanted, but hopefully someone will get that for the wedding. (hint: shop online at Target!). Also, Easter family stuff today. And all the major wedding stuff is booked and taken care of for now. Some of that stress is gone, but there's a lot more to deal with before the big day. The weekend made me and John both really tired. And I'm getting a laptop, which will arrive sometime this week or next. Time to relax some more...

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