February 3rd, 2004

sneaky mary


So I went out to shovel snow, and then I walked around the house, and there seemed to be about a foot or two of snow, which began to accumulate at the beginning of January, and hardly any of it melts. Just from last night/today there was about six inches or so on the car. You know, no big deal! John turned on the news this morning hoping school would be cancelled and staff and faculty would not have to report. Hah! Even the public schools have only been closed once so far this season, and the university, never.

In other news, there's a job at the Pitt bookstore I can apply for, and there's going to be one at the library where John works sometime in the next few months (from someone who is retiring this week).

And I got my wedding invitations last week. They won't be sent out until the end of April, but I could start addressing them right away because it'll be fun! I think I'm psychotic.
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