September 26th, 2004

sneaky mary

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So at work today, some guy mistook me for a student, and later winked at me. Twas interesting.

Also, I have been doing mucho sewing lately, and not much reading or writing. I think I need to work on projects that I've put off for too long, stuff that I started last year, and want to give people as gifts, or should have already given people as gifts.

John and I will be in Wisconsin in two weeks, visiting the many family members that live there. And then for Thanksgiving we'll be in Houston and then Padre Island. And then in January we're going to the ALA Midwinter Conference in Boston. Plus Christmas with my family, visiting other family of John's in Ohio, and New Year's in Pittsburgh. w00t.

We're both applying for jobs in other places. I am sorta forcing John to do it, although he did need to update his C.V., but there are some good jobs at there in really awesome places (*ahem* Seattle*ahem*).
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