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Today's adventure begins with the power going out this morning.

After that, I began to get ready to go out, eating lunch, etc. I forgot my sunglasses, and it was sunny out, but no problem because it starts to rain, BUT no umbrella. I can't go back home, because I have to "drop off my resume" at 1:30. I also forgot to charge my cellphone, so if anything happened, I'd have to rely on the kindness of strangers, but I didn't bring the woman-I was-going-to-talk-to's phone number so it doesn't matter. Lots of traffic for some reason... And I need to get gas, but that can wait until later.

I get to the library, and, apparently, it's an "interview," not a "drop off resume" and I was wearing jeans and tennis shoes.

But, all goes well. No one else is interested in the job. I get the tour of the library, etc.

After she talks to the library director tomorrow, I will be employed.

Of course, employment is part-time and involves working Sundays 12-5. Only Sundays 12-5. But, it's a sort-of-job, and it gives me valuable Reference Librarian Experience. I can keep my day job of "homemaker/housewife."

I rewarded myself with a trip to Jo-Ann's. yay, fabric!
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