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party+squirrel drama

We cleaned tonight for the housewarming. I don't know why I bothered when you guys are gonna come and get it dirty tomorrow. I deserve ice cream now. Good thing there is always ice cream in the freezer.

After the party, of course, I have my long work week of 5 and one quarter hours of work, on Sunday. I get to open the library by myself. And I can't believe they have classes on Monday. Strange.

There have been squirrels running around in our attic. We've heard them every morning, but we didn't think they were in the attic until the landlord was cleaning the gutters and noticed where the squirrels had gnawed a hole somewhere. He closed up the hole with some bit of metal. But we can still hear the squirrels. So he is going to get a squirrel trap or two to capture them when they're in there. He went into our attic today and looked around. The squirrels seem to be storing pine cones in there. Huh. They haven't gotten into any of the boxes we have up there, thank goodness. It's funny to hear them running around up there.

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