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I just had a horrifying stuck in the snow event, in my own driveway. Tried to get up the hill, moved backwards. Tried to back up in order to see if I could move forward again, went farther backwards, sideways, etc. Got shovel and anti-skid, tried again. It got worse. I ended up sort of halfway in the ditch/where the water flows under the driveway. John called the landlord to come plow. I called AAA. It looked really bad to me, and apparently to them as well. John was there as they pulled it out, but I hid inside. I think I did pretty well. Though I should have stopped when the car wouldn't go up the driveway anymore the first time. I panicked a bunch, but managed to remain coherent, I think.

Man, do I ever want to move now. I was afraid something like that was going to happen in our driveway. John almost got stuck this morning in the driveway. Lots of snow. ugh ugh ugh. I still feel shakey. Thank goodness the car's okay.
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