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Questions from princessdiablo. If you want to be interviewed, I guess I could come up with five questions.

1) How did you meet the Pittsburgh crowd? How did you meet John?
I started the MLIS program in August of 2002, after returning from a trip to Dallas to meet an internet friend. The first day of orientation, John and I met when we shared an advisor. Later that same day I went to get my ID photo taken and ran into him again, where he asked for my email address. We had three classes together that first semester, but I didn't really talk to him that much at first. That's the end of how we met. So that leads to how I met the Pittsburgh crowd. John and I did end up hanging out a few times, getting beer at the Sharp Edge, where I met Don and Jon Dan. Then I went to a Red Elvises show at the 31st Street Pub, where I met Liz. Soon Halloween arrived, and John invited me to the party that he and Chuck were having. I got a ride from Jon Dan, and on the way he picked up Muffin. Then I arrived at the party, where I met, well, pretty much everyone who was there. Most of them seemed...uh...a bit strange to me, but they were pretty nice. (That is also how Beth met Devin, by coming along to the party with Heather, who didn't really want to go, but that's another story.)

2) Do you want children? Animals? Bugs? Is that in the plan?
Hm, the plan. There is definitely a cat in our near future plan, once we have gotten our own house or moved somewhere that allows pets. Children are also a possibility down the line. It's not something we're thinking about quite yet. Also, I could see myself getting another betta some time, is that like a bug?

3) On that note, what is the plan? What is you and John's big grand plan? Does it match your grand plan before you were married?
Plan? I'm supposed to have a plan? Before I was married, long ago, I thought that I would be a writer. My senior year at Penn State, I realized just being an English major wouldn't get me any kind of job. I worked in the library, and I talked to a librarian, who said that Now Was the Time to Be a Librarian, because lots of librarians were retiring (which has since turned out to be false, but whatever, there are tons of retirement age librarians around). Thus, I would be a librarian and work on my writing in my free time. (The Ulitmate dream being some rich guy would come along and I would never have to work, I could just write all the time, hah!) I didn't plan to get married that soon, and I really wasn't looking for someone to marry. But, as we all know, Things happen.

So, do John and I have a Grand Plan? Right now we're trying to be employed in our field, doing what we like, having both of us working full time (could be there soon!). Buying a house may come next. We're looking. Going back to Hawaii many times (I would like one of us to get a job there) is part of the Grand Plan. Children are in there somewhere. I guess you could say our Plan involves us being happy. And, surprise, here I am at home with tons of time to write, and I'm not using it to my fullest advantage. I'd still like to write more, publish something, etc.

4) Why don't you drink? If you do, why do I think you don't? Additionally, do you mind when we are all drunk around you?
Yes, I drink. I like to have a beer, a glass of wine, a whiskey drink along with dinner. I guess I don't drink much at parties anymore. I have. Ask the Pittsburgh crowd. Some people have seen me drink quite a bit. I just enjoy having a quiet drink at home, or out with friends, rather than drinking a lot at parties nowadays. I don't mind people being drunk around me. Everyone has fun in different ways.

5) If you had to be a pirate, monkey or robot, which would you be?
Robot. Do I have to explain myself?


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