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John's mom is coming to visit us, starting tomorrow when we pick her up at the airport and spend the night in Niagara Falls. Yes, Niagara Falls again for us. That will be the fourth time in a year for me. Sunday is the only day I won't be spending with her. There will be much visiting of wineries, and the Christmas Store in nearby Smetheport, PA, and shopping because she forgot my birthday.

Having failed to finish the quilt I was making for our non-existent guest bed in time, I am trying to read The Devil in the White City instead. Only 150 more pages. Maybe I can get that done

I know three people with birthdays today: mrwoolite, Ebony, and a friend I've had since 2nd grade. Amazingly, they have all been together in one place, that being my wedding. So, happy birthday to all, even though only Sameer will see this.

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