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The internet was mostly down yesterday and today, but now I'm back online. It is fixed and now I am happy.

I feel that I should post more, since I have the whole permanent account thing. But, I need more user pics! I beg you all, make some for me!!

I have been doing nothing but reading lately. Don't know whether this is good or bad yet. Still waiting to hear about that job I interviewed for almost two weeks ago. But, since they said they were making their decision by Monday and I haven't heard by today, Wednesday, I think I can assume that they're not offering me the job. Ah, well, more reason to try to get out of this place.

Coming up: my dad's birthday (55: June 15), John's brother's wedding (June 18), Father's day (June 19, and we both get to see our fathers that day!), and our first anniversary (June 26, during which we'll be in Chicago). And then July will be action-packed as well. It's only June 8, and yet it feels like the month is almost over!
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