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is it August already?

On Saturday I went to the wedding of the girl who lived across the street from me. Beautiful. There are pictures, but I haven't put them online. It was odd seeing someone that I saw grow up get married, but she had always been talking about wanting to find a husband, so I knew she would get married. I was so happy for her.

Next week we're going to Houston to visit the family there. Leaving August 9, coming back the next Wednesday. Making side trips to San Antonio and Austin, both of which I've never been to before. Maybe finally going to the Space Center in Houston, also going to the beach in Galveston, and generally (not) enjoying the 90s heat (in the safety of air conditioning).

I think I buy more books than I read: bought The Complete stories, Franz Kafka yesterday. I'm re-reading the Narnia books, though I'm saving The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe for last, since I read it in the last few years. And now that Harry Potter mania is gone, I am VERY eagerly awaiting Robert Jordan's Knife of Dreams in October. Please, come soon!

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