Mary (kissmary) wrote,

Vacation update

The rest of our vacation was good and now we're safely home. I liked San Antonio, but I'm not sure about Austin. The San Antonio Riverwalk seemed crowded, but apparently it can be even more crowded. The wedding reception for kiserai and noeticist was very nice.

I've said it before, but, damn, it's hot in Houston in August. I hadn't been there in the summer before. Although it is much nicer at the beach when it's hot and not cool and windy.

My mother-in-law took me to get a manicure and pedicure, plus a haircut on Monday while John was away at his interview. We went to the beach for a second time on Tuesday, and on Wednesday we flew to Pittsburgh, then drove home.

Yesterday we put together the nightstand that goes with our bed frame (from Ikea). It's much smaller than the one I was using and we might have room for another one, so John might get his own soon!

This weekend my parents are visiting, and next weekend is John's 10-year high school reunion.

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