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One of the cool things about getting engaged is seeing and hearing about everyone's reactions.

hmm... I was going to write some other stuff and try to get all philosophical and sentimental but I can't remember what I was going to say. Instead I will sleepily ramble on about nothing much.

I wish I could have told two of my best friends instead of telling them over the phone, but distance will do that to people. At least I will get to see both of them relatively soon. One, Michelle, is getting married in July. I am a bridesmaid for her. I haven't seen her since MAY 2001!!! It's been quite awhile. Ebony lives in Pittsburgh, but she moved recently and got a new job and I hadn't actually talked to her since early November-ish, so she didn't even know that I was dating John in the first place. Both of these girls can't wait to meet the guy that I'm going to marry.

Oh, and thanks to everyone for their best wishes, etc! I can't stop smiling. I'm like a giddy school girl. : )

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