Mary (kissmary) wrote,


until November 30: finish 50,000 words of novel, finish novel later
December 1: fly to New Orleans, hope there isn't snow in Buffalo
December 2 and 3: apartment hunt in New Orleans
December 4: fly back to Buffalo and drive home, hope there isn't snow
December 5-8: pack, read, write, lounge
December 8: John's last day at work
December 9-10: visit my parents, hope that bookshelves from Ikea fit in the 4Runner
December 11-13: pack, read, write, lounge
December 13: must finish packing, Ray flies into PIT, my parents pick him up and drive to Bradford
December 14: pack moving truck, John gives the final for his class, leave Bradford FOREVER
December 15-17: drive to New Orleans
December 17-22: time frame for moving truck arriving, hope it comes on the 17th, unpack
December 19: John starts new job at UNO
December 23: fly into Pittsburgh, stay with my parents
December 24: Christmas Eve stuff with family
Decmeber 25: Christmas stuff with family
December 31: hotel in Pittsburgh and NYE party
January 1: fly back to New Orleans

Also, somewhere in there I will buy Christmas cards and send out our new address to all interested parties.
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