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Apartment hunting was successful. We got down to two choices and decided on the one with the better location, but found out it was taken! And so we will be living in the Bywater area of New Orleans. It's a "spacious raised Victorian sidehall," the upper floor. Two narrow porches, beautiful hardwood floors in several rooms (new carpet in others), new-ish kitchen, 2-3/4 baths (one with shower, one with bathtub only), stained glass on some windows. It didn't suffer any storm damage and was in the process of being renovated before Katrina. No flooding, obviously, since it is the upper floor. It's beautiful! I can't wait to move in. Address to be released after the lease is signed (the landlord spends large portions of the year in Malaysia!).

johnmeier1 posted a few pictures. We have two others on the camera, which is (in our checked bag) in transit from the Buffalo airport to be delivered this afternoon. There were delays going into and coming out of Philadelphia and boy was the airport busy! So I guess the baggage delays are understandable. And the weather on Saturday and Sunday was beautiful in NO, but it snowed 8 inches in Bradford while we were gone! Plus we got to eat at Margaritaville in the French Quarter with John's parents on Saturday. And we ate beginets at Cafe du Monde for breakfast that morning. We will end up being about 15 blocks from the Quarter once we are moved in. I wonder how far that will be to walk?

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