Mary (kissmary) wrote,


Our stuff is all moved in. We have gone to Lowe's (2 different locations) 3 times in 2 days. Our electricity works, our hot water and heat work. Everything works, but we have not gotten any mail yet. I am about to search for an open post office to find out where are mail is and if they will be delivering it.

I am stealing a neighbor's wireless internet right now. This is fun! Some things are unpacked. Most things are not. I will also try to figure out if we can get phone service, as it was not connected by Friday as I thought it might. Must contact cable company (online, of course) and order cable and internet. Must try not to scratch harwood floors anymore than we already have.

For lunch I get to visit John at his first day at UNO's library, where they are having a Christmas luncheon with alcohol.

It is nice to live in a city where the bars know what a mimosa is.

Everyone has been very friendly so far.
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