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year in review?

So, here we are back in New Orleans. We're getting mail! This is exciting because the first week we were here we only got a few things. But now the forwarded mail from our old address is starting to come. And we got a bunch of Christmas cards while we were gone and three more today!

So, here are some New Year's resolutions:
1. Keep reading a lot
2. Stay unemployed
3. Clean the house all day, every day
4. Play Civ 4 a lot

Okay, only the first (and maybe the fourth) is true. I have applied for one job already, at Lowe's! Since there don't seem to be any library jobs, and Lowe's is nearby and hiring, it might be nice to work there. Otherwise, I might have to apply for food service or other retail, and I don't look forward to that!


Jan. 4th, 2006 01:41 pm (UTC)
I like #2! :p

If you have to work retail, you may as well find a place you want the discount for! When Mike worked at Best Buy he got cost plus 5% on everything, that's when he bought his 200-disc CD player.