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Westbank explorations

Yesterday we ventured out over to the Westbank area of New Orleans, the area across the Mississippi. You can only get there by crossing the only bridge that crosses the Mississippi, the Crescent City Connector! It was a fun adventure, as we found a Best Buy, Cost Plus World Market, another Target (I was starting to hate the other one, in Metairie, because they were always out of whatever it was that I wanted), and many other stores that we may explore sometime in daylight hours, as well as a movie theater.

Today we took the same bridge (this time there was much, much less traffic) and headed to the DMV, leaving our house well before 8 am, when the DMV opened. There was already a large group of people there, so we took numbers and went off in search of the Cox Cable office, which was about 15 minutes away. They are currently running out of trailers, but we successfully signed up for cable (including TV, internet and digital phone! Yes, we will have a phone number on Friday!). An hour later we ended up back at the DMV, just in time to have our numbers called. After a bit of a wait as the driver's license printer melted another license, John and I both emerged with Louisiana driver's licenses. The next adventure at the DMV will be when John goes to a different location to get both of our vehicles registered in state and pays some kind of wacky tax, even though sales tax has been paid on both cars.

The apartment/house is starting to look good. Things are slowly being unpacked. We are eating at one new restaurant (at least) a week. Soon we will have a guest bed, a Christmas gift from John's parents, which we will purchase in the form of an AeroBed, queen size. At that time visitors will be welcomed(and encouraged).

I am looking forward to having cable and being able to watch the Steelers game this Sunday in a format that doesn't include double images and interference. Though perhaps we will go to the #1 Sports Bar in the area.
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