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I have no desire to write. It makes me feel stupid because I used to write all the time. Not a journal or anything, which I only ever did when I was trying to think something through. I like to write fantasy, but I haven't had any ideas or inspiration or any desire to finish any of the stories I've started in the past.

On other notes, my grandfather is in the hospital, and is having some tests done, and I hope everything turns out okay. And I'm trying to get all my final projects and stuff done and to enjoy the great weather this week. And I still need to register for classes for the summer and figure out the whole financial aid thing again, etc.!!! And my housemate said my rent check for this month bounced, but I called my bank and they said they check was cashed so it's not really my problem, since I have enough money to cover rent for the summer and a bit beyond. so, like, duh!

Oh, man, I just want to be done with school so I can get on with life.

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