Mary (kissmary) wrote,

cactus, books and mail

We have returned from San Antonio, after a stop in Houston last night. Happily, we had lots of mail to look at, since we hadn't gotten any last week by the time we left on Thursday. Sadly, there is no new range in the kitchen, and no new dishwasher, both of which were supposed to be delivered on Saturday.

Christmas Cactus in bloom

Christmas Cactus

Joanne Harris, Gentlemen and Players (autographed, To John and Mary, not a galley)
Cynthia Kadohata, Kira-Kira (Audio CD, YA)
Helen Nicholson and David Nicolle, God's Warriors: Crusaders, Saracens and the Battle for Jerusalem (not a galley)
Serge Schmemann, When the Wall Came down: The Berlin Wall and the fall of Soviet communism (YA)
John L. Allen, Jr., Opus Dei
Max Barry, Company
Nancy Pearl, More Book Lust (only $1!!, not a galley)
Tags: ala, books, cactus
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