Mary (kissmary) wrote,

loooong weekend

We spent a great weekend visiting John's brother Chris and his wife Stephanie this weekend. The weather in Bellingham, WA, Seattle and Vancouver, BC was great everyday. We were scheduled to leave on Monday afternoon, but flights going into and out of Chicago were delayed by up to 3 hours, so we decided to put off going back for another day. Turns our our original flight was only delayed by less than an hour and a half, but we wouldn't have gotten back home until around 2 am. After the flight delays Friday night, and having our luggage on a different flight than we were on, we were glad we waited an extra day.

Oddly, the sun was out all weekend, and it didn't rain at all until Tuesday, the day we should have been home already. Soon I will upload the pictures to prove it. Pictures at:

Saturday we took a walk around the trails near Chris and Stephanie's condo. Then we drove around looking for the road up to the lookout on one of the nearby mountains. Chris finally asked a local and we made our way up the very bumpy trail/road. The view was great, though, and totally worth the trip. After dinner at home, we went out to a comedy club, which was opened by Ryan Stiles of Whose Line is it Anyways? fame. It was a night of improv like the stuff on Whose Line.

Sunday we drove up through Vancouver and John and his brother went skiing at Grouse Mountain. I don't ski and Steph couldn't since she is pregnant but we both went up the mountain, lured by promises of shopping and restaurants. Shopping meant the gift shop and there were two nice restaurants, but we didn't eat at either one. We did go for a "sleigh" ride, and the views of Vancouver and the water were great. The boys had fun skiing, though.

Monday we expected to fly back to NOLA, but instead ended up going up the Space Needle. It was pretty cool.

Yes, so now it's Wednesday and the weekend is officially concluded. Today I have laundry and grocery shopping to do, but instead I watched last night's American Idol this morning. See where my priorities are? :D
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