Mary (kissmary) wrote,


1. We got a shiny new microwave on Sunday.

2. I got the crown put on my tooth today. Talk about hyper-sensitive to cold, it hurt when he was drying my tooth while putting the crown on.

3. My brother visited an had a good time and did not disrupt nor was he disrupted by Petey.

4. We spent part of Saturday exploring the French Quarter, which we had not yet done, and I discovered a bunch of shops I want to go back to, namely a book shop and Tower Records when it is open (which it is not at 11 AM on Saturday).

5. I am on my fifth week of doing yoga (at home, with a book, and a mat) and started doing the positions that strengthen your abdominal muscles and boy am I not good at those.

6. We went to one of those cemetaries that New Orleans is so famous for and so many people want to look at. I did not find them particularly interesting, but there is a monument on top of one that is an elk. Yes, the elk with the horns. And then across the street is a Mason cemetary. Interesting...
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