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Mitch Landrieu and Ray Nagin

As the runoff election approaches on Saturday, Times-Picayune columnist Chris Rose asks the tough questions and gets answers. The article is from nola.com.

Key points:
In the end, which Bush will wind up helping New Orleans more -- George or Reggie?

Landrieu: Reggie, absolutely. I mean, is it too much to hope that we go to the Super Bowl in the next four years?

Nagin: Reggie.

If you have to evacuate your home and can only take one item with you, what is that prized possession?

Nagin: One item? Probably my iPod.

The next mayor of New Orleans will have a growing Hispanic constituency. Would you care to say anything to them in Spanish?

Landrieu: Buenos dias.

Nagin: Hola. Como esta?

My wife thinks bald guys are sexy. Does that give the edge to you or your opponent?

Landrieu: It depends on whether she likes tall guys or short guys.

Nagin: It depends on whether she likes Chia Pets or not.

Last question: There's another flood. You are in a rescue boat. You arrive at a rooftop to find Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. There's only room for one in the boat. Who do you take?

Landrieu: They both get left.

Nagin: I give them the boat and get on the roof and wait for the helicopter.