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(fur)baby meme

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Confess to "6 weird things/habits" and then pick on six other bloggers/diarists to do the same.

1. Petey likes to nip at our ankles (and feet and arms and legs or any bit that is nearby) when he wants attention or for some other catty reason.

2. Petey has recently started watching TV, and his favorite show seems to be Meercat Manor on Animal Planet. (though now that he is interested in the TV, he watches almost anything)

3. Petey loves to lay on his parents' bed when they are not home.

4. Petey's most annoying habit is scratching at the rug in front of our bedroom door early in the morning when we're still trying to sleep.

5. Petey likes to bite newspaper and cardboard.

6. Petey licks the condensation off of bottles, especially, it seems, off of beer bottles.

I tag...anyone who has pets and/or children.
Tags: cat, meme

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