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I am bored with my independent study project. I am working on the webpage for Pitt's Minority Health Link program, and there is a disgustingly high number of links that are broken or are to sites that no longer exist.

Working with Dreamweaver is fun, but I wish there was more I could do with it, since I am working from a template, although it's not actually saved as a template, since no one involved with this has any idea how to use Dreamweaver.

And the computer is incredibly slow (pentium II), making it hard to do more than two things at once. How did people ever use slow processors? I go to the computer lab to check all the links and write up descriptions for the new pages to add. I am supposed to have worked on this for 120 hours by the time the semester is over, but I highly doubt that will happen, since the semester is half over and I haven't done anywhere near 60 hours yet.

In other parts of life, I bought my wedding dress already. It is so beautiful! It's ivory, and strapless, and has a lovely train. If you want to see it, you can come over to my place sometime, or just wait until you can see me in it. I look so good in it, or at least I feel really good in it. It's only a little over a year! Time is gonna fly!

I like planning stuff. But when people try to help because they think they're being useful, and it's something that is fun that I wanted to do, it is frustrating. It's like the fun has been taken out of it, and the whole thing is no longer worth doing. Don't take the fun stuff away!

I hope I find a job that I want to apply for soon, and that johnmeier1 finds a job soon so that we can find a place to live. It's weird not really knowing where you're going to be in less than two months...

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