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Making Money by Terry Pratchett, to be published Sept. 18, 2007

I picked up an advanced reading copy of this at the ALA conference more than two months ago and I finally got around to reading it. This must make me not such a great Pratchett fan. Moist von Lipwig (you may remember him from Going Postal) is coerced into being in charge of the Mint after inheriting the new "Chairman," a small dog named Mr. Fusspot. As usual, hilarity insues, including golems (Moist's girlfriend works for the Golem Trust after all), economic models, wizards, and Lord Vetinari, and somehow they get on with the business of Making Money. A nice change back from the Tiffany Aching YA novels. This book is actually divided into chapters! *gasp* This book is everything that we've come to expect from Pratchett. Enjoy!
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