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new sewing machine

Well, on Saturday I took John to the local Bernina dealer to look at the sewing machine that I've been looking at and reading about online for a few months. And I ended up buying exactly what I wanted, the Aurora 440QE. The part I really love is the Bernina Stitch Regulator, which is great for all the machine quilting that I want to do. I tried it out on Saturday and Sunday, I am in love with this machine. :) I didn't get the embroidery add-on, but it would cost the same whether I bought it now or later (assuming that I want it later). It is already making sewing easier and more fun! Right now I am piecing a quilt on it and playing with free-motion quilting to get the hang of it before I work on something serious. I want to start making some bags, too: handbags, totes, maybe even morsbags, as inspired by Courtney. So much sewing to do, with so little time! ;)
Tags: quilting, sewing
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