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Today is October 5, and that means National Novel Writing Month (i.e., November 1-30) is less than a month away. I first participated in 2004, but didn't finish my 50,000 words. But in 2005 and 2006, I got over 50,000 each year and won! Nothing has come of either win, or of the losing "novel." (though I am wary to even call it a novel since it never went anywhere, but that's another story. ;) )

I'm thinking about doing some post-apocalyptic fantasy/science fiction this year. I started creating a world last year and ended up not using it. If I go back and look at it, I'll probably hate it, which means I can start with a completely new world. I don't have any actual story ideas yet, but most of the time I just start writing without a clear idea of where it's going at first.

Who else is writing in November this year?
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