Mary (kissmary) wrote,

to do list/goals 2009

1. Read 50 books, the never-ending challenge. This year I hope to add in more non-fiction than last year and work on all those books with bookmarks in them, even if it means starting each one again.
2. Write a novel in November, per NaNoWriMo rules.
3. Finish 5 quilting projects that I have already started, including the quilt that was for Heather's wedding last August.
4. Set aside time for sewing one weekend per month and 1-2 evenings per week. (John has already agreed to the weekend time)
5. Go to Quilt Fest in Houston, mid October. (luckily this will be a family trip and MIL is excited about it)
6. Attend ALA Annual in Chicago, early/mid July. With or without Henry. Trying to convince my parents to come with to watch Henry and because they haven't taken a traveling vacation in forever.
7. More as I come up with them

Can we see that I'd like to commit more time to sewing?? I do have an awesome machine for quilting, after all.
Tags: goals, to do list
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